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Basic Tools You Would Need to Handle DIY Plumbing Jobs

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Many people like to take up small DIY projects in their home. However, when it comes to plumbing issues, it’s best to call in a professional to fix them. Most plumbing jobs are quite complex and you would need some knowledge of the installations and how the systems work, before you can fix anything. It’s always recommended that a licensed and insured plumber tackle plumbing issues. Having said that, there are some simple tasks you can handle yourself such as:

Regardless of how simple or small the task, there are some basic plumbing tools you would need to ensure you are able to fix the issue skilfully and quickly. It can be quite frustrating to start on the repair/replacement only to find you don’t have something as basic as a wrench.

Some handy plumbing tools

Here is a list of some inexpensive tools you should have in your tool kit if you are planning on handling some simple plumbing jobs on your own:

  • Complete set of screwdrivers (this is something you might already have at home)
  • Plumber’s/pipe wrench– You might just be able to manage with a pair of strong vice grips/ a large crescent spanner, however a plumber’s wrench is much better. It tends to grip a little better and opens a little wider too. The teeth of the wrench are specially-designed to grip in the particular direction it’s turned in.
  • Basin wrench– In case you’re replacing any tap (like your bathroom sink tap), you might find there are nuts fitted in quite tight places. A good basin wrench helps you get at these from below as it has an adjustable angle-head structure.
  • Seat wrench– You would typically require a seat wrench only if you are replacing any sink/bathtub taps.
  • Drain snake– Plumbers use large gas-powered snakes when they are clearing drain blocks. The drain snake you would need is a much shorter and simpler version of these gas-powered tools. They are available in varying lengths; and if you like, you can buy a commercial-use gas powered one as well.
  • Plumber’s putty– This is something you would need in a number of plumbing jobs. It won’t stick to your fingers when you are kneading it and it air-dries very quickly too. It’s perfect to seal joints such as the ones positioned between the drain and your sink basin. It is very long-lasting as long as you store it in an air-tight container.
  • Teflon tape– This tape is used to wrap the threads located at pipe-fitting ends. These provide added protection against leakage.

We at SPS Plumbing handle all types of plumbing jobs. Keep our number handy (02) 9072 0760 and call us anytime you need a plumbing issue fixed. We are prompt and reliable with our service and provide obligation-free quotes too. You can send us your queries using this contact us form as well.


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