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Need to know about all things to do with replacing, repairing & upgrading taps & toilets in Sydney? Discover how SPS can solve all your plumbing problems

Tap Repairs Sydney

Do you have a leaking tap Sydney that has been dripping for a while? Thinking about replacing your toilet for a newer more economical style? Where you hoping to install new taps around your property to give life back to your bathroom? SPS has the solutions

Extensive Experience in Tap and Toilet Repairs Sydney

Do you have a leaking tap that has been dripping for a while? Thinking about replacing your toilet for a newer more economical style? Where you hoping to install new taps around your property to give life back to your bathroom? The team at Sydney’s plumbing specialists are equipped with an extensive amount of knowledge and products for all your toilet are taps repairs throughout Sydney

We cover a huge range of models and fixtures for taps and toilets in Sydney

We offer an extensive range from considerably basic models, to the more expensive style depending on the application its being installed within or a budget one may have in mind.

Listed below are several tap and toilet repair the team at Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists can assist you with

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Save time and money! Watch our Block Drain DIY videos on how to check and manage your drains at home yourself

Watch: SPS Blocked Drains Services in action!

Watch how Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists deliver excellence in clearing your blocked drains

SPS Solutions for Tap & Toilet Repairs Sydney

Tap Repairs Sydney

Replacement & repairs of all different toilet makes and models

Tap Repairs Sydney

Replacement & repairs of all different tap makes and models

Tap Repairs Sydney

Replacement of kitchen sink and basin mixers

Tap Repairs Sydney

Replacement of external taps

Tap Repairs Sydney

Replacement of commercial taps & toilets

We have an extensive range for all your commercial needs

Common issues we have attended to,
for our clients over the years

Toilet Repairs Sydney

Replacement of inlet valves for both standard toilets & in wall cisterns

Toilet Repairs Sydney

Repair or replacement of outlet valves & washers

Toilet Repairs Sydney

Replacement toilet seats

Toilet Repairs Sydney

Replacing toilet pans

Toilet Repairs Sydney

Replacement & repairs of toilet cisterns

Toilet Repairs Sydney

Replacement isolation valve for a toilet

Toilet Repairs Sydney

Installation of a toilet in a new location

Toilet Repairs Sydney

Dripping taps

Toilet Repairs Sydney

Taps won’t turn off

Toilet Repairs Sydney

Water hammer from taps

Toilet Repairs Sydney

No water coming out

Toilet Repairs Sydney

Brown coloured water

Toilet Repairs Sydney

Tap handles loose

For all your tap and toilet repairs in Sydney, please call Sydney’s plumbing specialists today for advice and assistance as too how we can help

Basin, sinks &
laundry installations

Looking at upgrading your sink at your home?
SPS has a range of sinks & design available

Highest Quality Products

Sydney’s Plumbing specialists have a wide range of sinks and design for you to choose from in the event a laundry tub, a kitchen sink or a basin/vanity needs replacing at your home. Our suppliers only stock the highest of quality products knowing that when a product has been installed by Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists, an assurance knowing the product is durable and will last, is our main priority. All taps and sinks we install come provided with a minimum of 2 years residential warranty.

Get Started with SPS Plumbers

We have all different sizes and models to suit every application a client would ever need. We are also available to have any of these fixtures installed on the same day if needed.

For all your basin, sinks and laundry installations needs, please call Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists on (02) 9002 7332

Tanks & Pumps

This is a great way to save money on water bills & help the environment at the same time

Why use rainwater tanks?

Rainwater tanks are useful when watering the garden, washing the car, or flushing your toilet. In Australia, our climate of recent times has made us forward think and ensure we have enough water to water our pants and grass during times of water restrictions

Benefits of rainwater tanks

The benefits of installing a rainwater tank are substantial. The benefit of having a rainwater tank installed is that they come in a large range of different sizes, colours, shapes to suit any installation a person may require throughout their property. It is a great way of reducing water bills and utilise rainwater we are not paying for and have a large supply of in Australia

SPS Plumbers only use the Highest Quality Rainwater Products in Australia

Davey is our preferred brand of pump use throughout Australia due to their reliability and efficient
designs. We make it our priority to ensure all of the products we use are built, not only to solve
your problems, but for them last and perform as long as possible

Rainwater Tank Price

Rainwater Tanks Sydney

Rainwater Tank & Pump
Repairs & Installation Services

Rainwater Tank Repairs

Supply & install tanks ranging from 1,000L to 15,000L

Rainwater Tank Repairs

Supply & install of all rainwater tank pumps, valves & fittings

Rainwater Tank Repairs

Supply & install of mains to rainwater change over units

Water Filters

A water filter is a great way of ensuring your family’s drinking & bathing water is always safe

Thinking about installing a water filter at your property?

Listed below are a few examples a person can look at when considering an installation of a filter at their property. The team at Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists have access to an extensive range of filters and taps required for any installation needed

Water Filter Installation Sydney

Is your drinking water
safe for your family?

This is a very important question a Sydney resident should always ask themselves to not risk anyone’s health

The danger & problem

Previously in Sydney, traces of lead, copper, chlorine and other nasty toxins have been found in our water lines meaning it could be harming us every time we turn a tap on and a family member uses water.

The SPS water filter solution

Thankfully, there are filters we can install on our services which will mean our drinking and bathing water will be safe from the issues we are facing with our water supply.

We have 3 options we are offering our clients that will help eliminate all of the issues we are currently faced with

Option 1

Inline Water Filter

Inline water filter used only for drinking underneath a sink.
No taps need to be replaced or fittings changed

Water Filter Repairs Sydney

The concept

This simply gets installed underneath your kitchen sink from the cold-water supply, straight into the filter unit then straight into the cold-water supply of your kitchen sink tap. No new taps need to be purchased; we simply use your existing tap you have currently installed

This now means all sediment, rust, chlorine, and debris will be removed from your potentially harmful water supply

Total cost of this option is
$450 + GST*
(usually valued at $550 + GST) 

Filters need to be replaced every 12 months to ensure filtration process is working efficiently. Contact SPS Plumbers for more information or enquiries

Installation diagram

Water Filters Sydney

Option 2

Mains Water Backwash Filter

The second option we have is a manual water filter we install
off your mains water supply. This protects the ENTIRE house

Water Filter Plumber Sydney

The concept

We simply re-configure the pipework off your mains water supply, install the below filter which helps protect you and your and ensures your drinking and bathing supply is safe.

Every 3-4 months you simply can either connect a small hose to the bottom of the filter and flush the filter out essentially removing all build up and debris found in the water supply which can be harming you and your family

Total cost including all labour & parts
$795 + GST*
(usually valued at $895 + GST) 

Product comes with a 7 year warranty. No filters need to be charged or replaced with this style of filter

How it all works


Water enters the filter and flows through the filter element


The foreign particles are then retained in the filter element


The foreign particles are washed out of the filter during the back-washing process. This involves simply turning the knob on the Avanti or setting the timer on the Infinity and Multipur units. The frequency is dependent on the water quality. If you are uncertain, backwash once per week.


Only a small volume of water is required for backwashing with minimal impact on water pressure to the house or property


Fresh, clean water flows into the home, building or other structure

Option 3

Standard Water Filter

Simple standard installation that consists of a connection to a cold water point & area

Water Filter Plumber Sydney

The concept

Water filters installed in a home is a great way of ensuring the drinking water at your property is safe for all your family members.

The installation is a simple one, in that all that is required is a connection to cold water point and area either on the sink that the filter can be mounted too. If the sink is an undermount sink, a provision should be left in the stone for the tap to be mounted too. Filters on the tap need to be replaced every 12 months to help ensure the water always remains safe

Extensive range

For an extensive range, please phone one of our friendly staff who can assist you with your plumbing and water filter needs on (02) 9002 7332

*If installation is not standard and require additional work, parts, labour or materials. additional charges will apply.

Installation diagram

Water Filter Installation Sydney

Backflow Prevention & RPZD Valves

Does your property require a backflow prevention device to be tested or installed?

Extensive experience

The team at Sydney plumbing specialists have had extensive experience with the all location sizes and installation required to ensure your water service complies with the relevant governing bodies you reside in. The team at Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists can assist with the following backflow prevention needs

Backflow prevention devices

Certain backflow prevention devices require a certain backflow prevention valve to be installed depending of the level of risk the area or location may have.

An assessment will be needed to be completed by our licensed staff member who has had extensive experience in installing and testing backflow prevention devices In Sydney

Backflow Prevention Services


Device Installation

Supply and installation of backflow prevention device installs ranging from 20mm-100mm in diameter



Annual testing of testable devices


Device Relocation

Relocation of your backflow prevention device

Australian & Sydney compliance

It is important all notices sent through by Sydney Water are attended too and the valves tested before the due date otherwise water to the premises will be restricted or disconnected

For all your backflow prevention supplies, installations and RPZD valves in Sydney, please call Sydney’s plumbing specialists today for advice and assistance as too how we can help and provide you long term solutions to your problems

This is a typical RPZD valve (high risk) we installed at a Sydney restaurant

Backflow Prevention Testing

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