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We have a 24/7 rapid response plumbers in Sydney on standby. Call (02) 9002 7332 & rest assured we’ll be there ASAP!

Emergency Plumber Sydney

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Emergency Plumber Sydney

24 Hour Plumber Sydney Fast Call

Burst pipe
internal / external

Emergency Plumber Sydney

24 Hour Plumber Sydney Fast Call


Emergency Plumber Sydney

24 Hour Plumber Sydney Fast Call

Smelling a
gas leak

Emergency Plumber Sydney

24 Hour Plumber Sydney Fast Call

Hot water

Emergency Plumber Sydney

24 Hour Plumber Sydney Fast Call

stormwater drain

Emergency Plumber Sydney

24 Hour Plumber Sydney Fast Call

Backed up
sewer line

Emergency Plumber Sydney

24 Hour Plumber Sydney Fast Call

Burst water

Emergency Plumber Sydney

24 Hour Plumber Sydney Fast Call


24 Hour Plumbing Sydney

Did you need a emergency plumber out at anytime of the day who provided real 24-hour plumbing in Sydney? Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists have multiple vehicles on the road ensuring an efficient service at all hours of the night. We provide 24 hour emergency plumbing services to our clients throughout Sydney and have an emergency response time of no greater than 60 minutes.

Many of our clients ultise our afterhours service as our phone calls are attended too immediately after hours and a job dispatched ASAP. We are committed to providing our clients a fast service for any plumbing, drainage, and gas emergency throughout Sydney

Emergency Plumber Sydney

We understand that plumbing emergencies may arise when you least expect them. Our company strives on providing a rapid response to customers. Our 24/7 emergency assistance can be used for any plumbing or gas issue whether it be a blocked toilet, constant running taps or a blocked sink you can rely on us to attend to any emergency issues. Our vehicles are always fully equipped with tools and material that may be required in an emergency. Phone (02) 9002 7332 and rest assured HELP IS ON ITS WAY.

Don’t have cash as a method of payment? Credit card machines are available as a method of payment.

The Most Dependable Emergency Plumber in Sydney

Plumbing emergencies can surface without any warning and you might find yourself getting worried and frustrated.

We understand that time is of the essence in emergency situations which is why we guarantee a 60 min response time throughout Sydney for all emergency repairs one may face, our team ensures no delay when dispatching a plumber in any emergency situation when Emergency Plumber in Sydney are needed at your location immediately if needed. We are the most recommended plumbers in the region and have been providing expert plumbing services to residential and commercial customers for over 15 years

24 Hour Plumber Sydney

We handle all types of emergency plumbing jobs

After Hours Plumber Sydney

Emergency Blocked Drains

After Hours Plumber Sydney

Emergency Hot Water Repair

After Hours Plumber Sydney

Emergency Repair of Broken/Burst Pipes

After Hours Plumber Sydney

Emergency Broken faucets

After Hours Plumber Sydney

Emergency Repairs to Taps & Toilets

After Hours Plumber Sydney

Emergency Sewer Pipes & Grease Trap repair

After Hours Plumber Sydney

Emergency Gas Fitting & Gas Leaks

After Hours Plumber Sydney

And Many More!
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Advanced, Stronger
& Faster Equipment

We guarantee you, the latest
Drain-Cleaning Technology
for the best results!

After Hours Plumber Sydney

The Right Equipment

In an emergency situation, ensuring our plumbers have to correct equipment is critical. Not having the right equipment when an emergency plumber in Sydney is needed simply makes completing the emergency repair a more difficult task. We do not leave anything to chance which is why our vehicles are equipped with all the material and tools a plumber will require to handle any emergency.

The Right Workmanship & Mindset

When our Emergency Plumber in Sydney comes to your location, he will diagnose the issue and what kind of repair work is required and you will be provided with an upfront quote. We have the latest drain-cleaning equipment and can handle even the most complicated plumbing jobs in the most efficient way.  Every job is tackled with the right amount of urgency and we take care to leave everything neat and tidy after our Emergency Plumber in Sydney has finished the work.

Why Opt for Our Emergency Plumbing Service?

247 Plumber Sydney

We charge per job, not by hour

Whether the job takes 1 hour or 3 hours to repair, rest assured, you will not be charged any other fees

247 Plumber Sydney

Upfront pricing.
No hidden fees.

No hidden surprises! All costs are presented to the client before we even lift a finger to start the job!

247 Plumber Sydney


If you are not satisfied the first time we will come out again and repair it for FREE

247 Plumber Sydney

24/7 Rapid
Emergency Services

We never delay in sending out an Emergency Plumber in Sydney to your location the same day

247 Plumber Sydney

We are clean
& considerate

We ensure that whatever property we work in, it will look as clean as before we started the job

247 Plumber Sydney

Same day service on all standard jobs

We guarantee a same day service on any standard plumbing jobs, if you call before 10:30 am

247 Plumber Sydney

60 mins response time guaranteed

We have a rapid response team on stand-by to always get to any emergency as fast as possible

Water will not turn off?

Do you have an emergency at your property where your water will not turn off?

In instances where emergencies arise, follow the below steps to isolate your water and call a plumber immediately if you cannot isolate the water to the property and you have an emergency


Contain & Isolate the Water

If possible, try and contain the water leak into a bucket or by diverting it into a drain if possible. If the leak is urgent and damaging property, the first step should be to isolate the water immediately

247 Plumber Sydney

Turn Main Water Off (House)

If you are in a house, turn your main water off clockwise till the water stops. Turn an external tap outside to drain the water out of the house line and call a plumber immediately if your taps continue to drip.

Weekend Plumber Sydney

Turn Main Isolation Valve Off (Unit)

If you are in a unit, turn the main isolation valve off clockwise till the water stops. The location in a unit varies where they could be installed. It is extremely important to become familiar with where the valves are located prior to an emergency

This is what the valve should look like:

Weekend Plumber Sydney

Only the top half of the valve will be protruding out of the wall.
Turn it clockwise till the water stops

Weekend Plumber Sydney

Drains Sydney

Are your drains overflowing?
This is a warning sign that your drains are blocked

Emergency Drain Blockage Sydney

The team at Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists provide same day service for blocked drain services throughout Sydney. An overflowing drain external to the property is an indication that the main sewer line is blocked. If a line is overflowing internally, this may mean the blockage is generalised and maybe only blocked on a certain fixture

CCTV Camera Inspection

A plumber will be needed to attend and with the use of a high pressure jet blaster, clear the blockage and conduct a CCTV camera inspection on the sewer or stormwater line to determine what caused the blockage in the first instance. Without conducting a CCTV camera inspection, the issue will most likely re occur.

Flooding Service

Do you have an emergency flooding situation at your property? This is incredibly stressful but we’ll do our best to give you advice on what to do

How does flooding occur?

The main causes of flooding within properties are generally from burst pipes/hoses or flooding which have ruptured and caused a significant amount of water damage throughout the property. This is an extremely stressful situation and could mean a large insurance claim.

What should you do?

We recommend you complete the following. The main priority is to try and stop the leak or flood from continuing. Whether this means turning off the mains immediately till help arrives, or whether it means using the below steps to help prevent any further damage.

Weekend Plumber Sydney
Step 1

Turn off electrical hazards

If there is a risk of water leaking or dripping onto any electrical power points or outlets, turn off the circuit breakers labelled protected power to ensure no water leaks onto any fixtures and causes a safety hazard

Weekend Plumber Sydney
Step 2

Protect areas of your property

Where possible, place buckets or towels down to protect certain areas of the property. We highly recommend, anything valuable be moved to safe location away from floor level if there is an immediate risk of these objects becoming damaged

Weekend Plumber Sydney
Step 3

Contain the leaks

Try and contain the leak or place something over it to stop it from spreading

Weekend Plumber Sydney
Step 4

Ensure that help is on the way!

A qualified technician will be needed to help prevent any further damage. This is critical so no further problems or damage occurs

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