Basin, sinks & laundry installations

Looking at upgrading your sink at your home?
SPS has a range of sinks & design available

Highest Quality Products

Sydney’s Plumbing specialists have a wide range of sinks and design for you to choose from in the event a laundry tub, a kitchen sink or a basin/vanity needs replacing at your home. Our suppliers only stock the highest of quality products knowing that when a product has been installed by Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists, an assurance knowing the product is durable and will last, is our main priority. All taps and sinks we install come provided with a minimum of 2 years residential warranty

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We have all different sizes and models to suit every application a client would ever need. We are also available to have any of these fixtures installed on the same day if needed.

For all your basin, sinks and laundry installations needs, please call Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists on (02) 9002 7332

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