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Blocked Drains Plumber
Blocked Drains Plumber
Blocked Drains Plumber
Blocked Drains Plumber

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Blocked Drains Plumber

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Our work speaks for itself. Learn more about what our customers have had to say about drain clearage services.

Highly Skilled Blocked Drain Plumbers in Sydney

Our specialists provide a complete service in diagnosing, unclogging, cleaning and repairing blocked drains in Sydney. This ensures that your blocked drains in Sydney don't just get the fast urgent attention they need to prevent damage to your property and allow you to go on to the usual tasks of your day; you get a solution that addresses the issue from the source.

At Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists, our company highly values the trust our customers put in us to resolve their clogged drains and other plumbing issues. Therefore, we hire only plumbers that carry extensive training in residential and commercial plumbing, which allows our team to efficiently resolve any blocked drain issue. No matter where it is in your home or commercial property, or how small or severe.

We strive to provide residents in Sydney with a service that:

  • Saves you money
  • Fixes the problem first time around
  • Helps prevent the same issues from happening in future
Blocked Drains Plumber
Unblock Drain Plumber

Cutting-Edge Drain Unblocking Equipment

High Pressure Drain Jet Cleaner

Our unblock drainage machines work at pressures over 5000 PSI (well over the industry average of 1500 PS), to effectively remove severe and stubborn blockages. This pressure safely unblocks drains in Sydney caused by tree roots, grease, hair and build-ups of oil.

Our jet cleaner has the capacity to:

  • Easily clean pipes ranging in sizes from 32mm to 225mm
  • Reach over 65m in length

CCTV Drain Camera

It’s not enough just to remove the blockage. If we’re not able to diagnosis how the issue was caused after a cleaning, your blocked drain plumber at SPS will use our advanced CCTV cameras to conduct a thorough inspection.

Our Sydney blocked drain plumbers hold a fix-it-the-first-time Mentality

We’re committed to resolving the immediate and larger issue of your blocked drain the first time around, saving you from wasting time chasing up additional services.

In fact, we’re so committed to this that we’ll give you back $100 and re-attend if there is a backed up line after 72 hours of our service.

unblock outside drain

Watch: what you can do, if you think you have a Blocked Drain

Save time and money! Watch our Block Drain DIY videos on how to check and manage your drains at home yourself

Watch: SPS Blocked Drains Services in action!

Watch how Sydneys Plumbing Specialists deliver excellence in clearing your blocked drains

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STOP! Are you making these mistakes with your blocked drains in Sydney?

It's important to understand what can harm your drains and potentially force you to spend massive amounts of money to repair damages later on.

From our extensive experience in blocked drain Sydney, we’ve listed the most common mistakes you should avoid, to keep your drains healthier and your wallets full.


Tree Roots are a MAJOR Reason Drains Block Up!

When landscaping or gardening it is important to find out where your sewer and stormwater drains are laid. Some plants can grow with deep, strong roots may go through small cracks and spaces in your pipes and potentially cause massive damages to them. Through our years of experience, tree roots in drain is usually the issue 75% of the time.

tree root

Do not plant any of the below trees within 10 meters of your sewer or stormwater drains

Restricted Trees with in 10 meters

African Tulip / Spathodea Campanulata

Restricted Trees with in 10 meters

Camphor Laurel

Restricted Trees with in 10 meters

Pepperina / Schinus Molle

Restricted Trees with in 10 meters

Tipuana Tipu

Restricted Trees with in 10 meters

Umbrella Tree / Schefflero Actinophylla

Restricted Trees with in 10 meters

Willow Tree / Salix Species

Restricted Trees with in 10 meters

Cinnamomum Camphorum


Oils and Water Simply DO NOT Mix!

Do not pour oils down your kitchen sink. We advise our clients to pour it into a jar and prevent fats and oils going down your drains. The most common cause of kitchen sink blockages are a result of people pouring oil and waste scraps down their drains.

Oils and Water


DO NOT Flush Female Hygiene Products & Baby Wipes down the Drain!

Dispose of these into a rubbish bin and please note regardless of their claims all wipes cause blockages, see article below:

Femaile Hygiene Products & Baby Wipes

Collect All Hair After Showering

Collect all hair after shower use or use a hair catcher on a drain to ensure hair does not enter drains and cause them to block


Protective Gutter Guard

Ensure leaves and debris are kept away from all stormwater lines. Placing protective material like gutter guard or having mesh over your stormwater drains is a great way of ensuring no debris enter the lines

Protective Gutter Guard

Rootx Application

If your drains have a history of roots, a Rootx application every 12 months is highly recommended. Below are some of the results we have had on our jobs


Tough on Roots, Easy on Pipes

RootX kills roots using aquatic herbicide Dichlobenil, a non-caustic, non-fumigating and non-systemic solution that will not harm pipes, septic systems or above-ground vegetation. Effective for 10 years running and trusted by plumbers nationwide.

Pipes Before & After

If you are experiencing any of the above blocked drain issues & require any assistance or advice please call our office on (02) 9072 0760 or send an enquiry We would be more than happy to assist you!

Grease Blockages Drain

Commercial Grease Blockages

Grease blockages Sydney occur mainly in commercial kitchens or kitchen house lines as fat is poured down the drain. You have probably heard the old expression “oil and water, simply don’t mix. What ends up happening is the fat will eventually find its way into the bottom of a gully or a sewer line and will eventually block the line. ALL oil MUST be placed into a jar or into a bin and disposed of safely. Pouring fats and oils down your lines will only mean, a blockage is bound to occur.

Preventive Maintenance Plans

In commercial sinks and kitchens, it's almost impossible to try and prevent oil build up within drain lines. We regularly place preventive maintenance plans in place every 3 months at several commercial kitchens and restaurants and use a product called “Grease Release” to help break down the fat in the lines and ensure all blockages are eliminated. Not having a regular maintenance plan in place could cost the restaurant or kitchen thousands of dollars in downtime if their drains were to ever block during trading hours. Imagine the loss of revenue each time a drain was blocked.

Here’s a Quick Video on How it Works:

Drain Cleaning

Smelly Drains Cleaning

Drain Cleaning - How does it work when you have a blocked drain?
We follow a simple but effective 3 step process

Step 1

Clear Blocked Drain Sydney

We clear the drain blockage with the use of our powerful drain cleaning equipment

play button
Step 2

CCTV Drain Inspection

This is the most IMPORTANT PART!
If a blocked drain is not diagnosed after its cleared, and a clear understanding of what caused the blockage to begin with is not found, the likelihood of the blockage re occurring is extremely high. Prevention is cure.
If no major issues are found in the line, no further steps are required

play button

If major problems like root infestation, collapsed lines, excessive grease are found throughout the service, a number of different options including replacement, pipe relining or a maintenance plan will be suggested as a method of repair

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Jet Blaster

Jet Blaster Sydney

Drain Jet Blasting Sydney

A jet blaster put simply is a petrol operated machine which use water (similar to a fire truck) to run water through hoses at pressure in excess of 5000psi to help clear the following issues. These machines are the most effective, cost efficient way of clearing a sewer or stormwater blockage in Sydney.

Most Common uses for Jet Blasters


Blocked drains caused by tree roots


Grease line build up


Clearing silt, debris & excessive rubble from drains


Cleaning or hosing down of driveways

Attachments to suit different sized blocked drains

A big advantage of having a jet blaster is the fact we have different nozzles for different applications. For example, if we had large tree roots in the line, we could use root cutting nozzles to help eliminate the roots. If we had a large grease build up, we could also use a grease head which targets the breakdown of grease whilst in use.

There are also attachments and hoses to target the smaller sized drains which makes this machine a great tool in tackling the most stubborn of all blockages. The below photo is a number of the many nozzles each one of our drain specialists has in his vehicle, ready to tackle any blockage which you may have.

Drain Repair Kit

The Difference between a Jet blaster & an Eel

Traditional Eel Drain Cleaner

Traditional Eel Drain Cleaner

An eel was a machine used in the early 1990s and 2000’s and was the main method of cleaning drains as no other options were available.

They were heavy, extremely hard to use, worked sometimes and extremely high in maintenance. They damaged pipes and could not get around bends like a jet blaster essentially making them extremely hard to use on all applications.

New & Improved Jet Blaster

New & Improved Jet Blaster

Fast forward and the benefits of a jet blaster over an eel are endless.
The fact that is its mobile and you can move it anywhere which is needed. A jet blaster can have up to 80m of hose compared to the heavy short attachments of an eel. The efficiency of a jet blaster running at 5000Psi each time compared to an eel which may break down due to the amount of attachments having been placed onto each end. The single most important thing over above all, is a jet blaster will leave your pipes in much better condition and never damage them. An eel nearly 90% of the time damaged all affected sewer lines.

Below are a number of structural which
contribute to pipe blockages

blocked pipes


A belly is where a section of the pipework caves in at a certain section due roots getting into the pipe or the pipe not being adequately supported

blocked pipes


Dislocated joints are a major issue which cause blocked drains and is more common in old vitrified clay pipework.

This is where a joint misaligns from its required position allowing tree roots to get into the pipework and cause serious blockages

blocked pipes

Tree Roots

Tree roots in drain are the number one source of blocked drains Sydney. Once tree roots get into your pipework they will grow and eventually cause major issues with your pipework if not attended to immediately.

Our machines have the capability to ensure we get rid of stubborn roots that have been growing in your pipework

Blocked Drain Sydney Projects

blocked drain sewer repair
blocked drain sewer repair
blocked drain sewer repair

Plumpton blocked drain sewer repair

Reported Problem - Attended a blocked sewer drain in Plumpton with reports of an overflowing sewer drain in the backyard. Conducted a high pressure jet blast and CCTV camera inspection and found multiple issues throughout the line. We provided the customer with a permanent drainage solution in Sydney to help repair the issue permanently.

Works completed to resolve the problem- Access for an excavator into this property was not possible due to the house layout meaning the line at a depth of 1.7m needed to be dug out by hand. Our technicians rolled up their sleeves and dug down to the defective earthenware line which had collapsed.

We dug the line out the defective line and replaced the defective section of pipework with new PVC pipework. We raised an inspection to ground level for any future access which may be needed.

On completion of the works the area was backfilled and site was cleaned.

SPS Promise

If our blocked drain plumber in Sydney conducted a high pressure jet blast and a CCTV camera inspection and the line backed up within 72 hours (as a result of the plumber not clearing the drain properly, we will re-attend and clear the drain for free.

We will not only clear the blocked drain, we will give you back a $100 for your time

The fact that we use a CCTV camera inspection Sydney on every single drain job ensures a 0% chance of a call back as we stress on ensuring every single blockage is diagnosed accordingly and a permanent solution is given if issues are found.

Blocked Drain FAQs

When you are unblocking and outside drain, the very first step is to assess what is causing the blockage. You can open up the drain cover- use a gloved hand to check whether there is a blockage right under that area. If the blockage is a deeper, you would have to use an auger or drain snake. In case of a very severe obstruction deep inside the pipe, a water pressure jet would be needed. If this does not solve the problem and tree roots or other stubborn debris are causing the blockage, you would need to hire a licensed plumber for clearing the drain.

When you have a drain blockage, if your plumber tells you that the blockage exists on the street and not on your property, it would be the Water Corporation's responsibility to deal with it. Once the plumber has inspected the sewage system and determined that the blockage truly lies outside your lot's boundary, they will call the water corporation and tell them that the blockage exists. The latter will then pay the plumber a specific standard fee for identifying where the blockage is.

It is the landlord's responsibility to ensure that all the plumbing systems on the property are in good condition at all times; this includes the drainage system. So it is their responsibility to clear a blocked drain if the blockage has occurred due to an ongoing problem. However, if it is determined that the blockage is the tenant's fault, it would become the tenant's responsibility. In case of an emergency, the tenant would need to inform the landlord about the blockage. They can get the work done by a professional, and then ask the landlord to reimburse them.

The average cost to hire a plumber for unclogging a simple bathroom tub or kitchen sink is in the range of $80 – $120. However, if the work is more complex, this cost can increase to $300 – $500. Unclogging a laundry drain will cost anywhere between $150 and $270. There could be a price variation for unclogging drains, depending on the market and the severity of the clog. Some plumbers would charge a fixed rate while others would charge an hourly rate, and there may also be a call-out fee involved.

Home insurance generally covers the costs of any unexpected damages. It means that if there is any gradual damage to the plumbing fixtures such as the drain pipes, it would not be covered. It's because these problems are avoidable with regular maintenance. If damage has occurred due to a heavy impact or the drains are blocked due to collapse, the insurance company may assess this damage. They may cover it as part of your home insurance policy. However, this is something you would need to check with your insurance provider.

Stormwater pipes are under the ground; locating them visually is not possible. If you want to find a stormwater pipe, look for grates or pits in that space. Work out the overall natural fall of the areas. In most instances, stormwater pipes are installed to work naturally with the surrounding ground, and you will be able to detect where they are draining to. However, if you find it challenging to locate these pipes, you can always call in a licensed plumber. They will also help you with this detailed inspection and the information.

There are various ways in which a collapsed sewer line can be fixed. One of the most advanced methods of fixing this problem is to opt for relining in which an epoxy sleeve is inserted into it, and inflated to form a pipe within the pipe. The traditional method involves excavating the area and replacing the collapsed section of the pipe with a new one. Rerouting the collapsed sewer line is another solution, but it might not work in all settings. A professional plumber will be able to tell you which option would work best for your situation and type of pipe.

Sewer line repairs may not always be covered under home insurance. However, this would depend on what has caused the damage. For example, if the system has suffered some damage due to a lack of maintenance, it would not be covered. On the other hand, if the damage has occurred due to a massive impact or some natural calamity etc. the insurance company might cover it. Since every company has a different policy, you would have to check the details of your specific insurance coverage with your provider to understand whether swear line repairs are covered in it.

If you have a smelly drain, there are some simple ways to get rid of the odours. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar does wonders. First run some hot water into the drain, pour in a cup full of baking soda and follow it up with two cups of vinegar. Allow this to fizz for some time and leave it untouched for at least an hour. After that, you can flush your drain with some hot water from the tap. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways of clearing smelly and clogged drains. However, if this does not work, you would have to call in a licensed plumber to address the issue.

If you find a noxious odour emanating from the drains in your house, it could be sewer gas escaping from the system. While this smell can be truly unbearable, it also contains bacteria and methane, which can be dangerous to the health of you and your family. It can result in headaches and various other serious ailments and affects the hygiene levels on your property. A smelly drain indicates a problem in the drainage system, and you need to get it fixed without delay. Call in a licensed plumber to attend to the problem.

No, blocked drains are generally not covered by insurance.

In our experience a number of articles posted online claim that boiling hot water and bi carb soda can help clear blocked drains. This statement is completely false, in fact adding bi carb soda can make the issues worse. Refer to our DIY videos for more information on how to clear drains

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