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Fridges are one of the irreplaceable appliances in hour houses. It is difficult to imagine a household where there isn’t a fridge – or even worse, a fridge that is not properly functioning. Modern fridges are usually built in decent quality and it is not very likely for them to malfunction without a reason. More often than not, a poor installation is the cause of issues with fridges and that is why it is crucial to ensure your fridge is properly installed on the day one. SPS Plumbers is an accredited and renowned plumber service that guarantees you a spot on installation of your fridge regardless of its brand or size.

Proper installation of a fridge

To ensure the optimal operation of your new fridge, we make sure we are following the basic appliances installation rules including the choice of location and electrical connection.

Location plays a vital role in the installation of your new fridge, both from the point of view of energy efficiency, ease and comfort of use. We always suggest our customers to install their fridges in a dry and ventilated room if possible. Knowing the issues, it arises, we are also strongly against the idea of installing fridges outdoors.

We usually allow 3cm space on the right and left sides of the appliance, and 5 to 7cm above and behind it to ensure optimal ventilation of your refrigerator. The heat released for the cooling system needs to be exhausted quickly, so air must flow easily around the unit. Our extensive experience has taught us to install fridges away from direct sources of heat such as sunlight, oven or a heating device.

We will make sure the surface beneath the fridge is flat for the perfect balance. Our technicians will place small anti-vibration pads under the feet of the fridge to minimize noise and vibration.

SPS technicians are highly experienced and possess great knowledge of installing all types of appliances including fridges. In some situations, the direction of fridge door’s opening may not be suitable to its installation location. In this case, we will reverse the door fixing (given that your fridge has this option) and install it in the desired place.

The refrigerator is a must-have electrical appliance. Without it, you cannot keep your food. If you expect your refrigerator to save electricity, it starts with a good installation.

Why choose us?

  • We can guarantee your satisfaction – we don’t consider a job done until you are 100% satisfied.
  • Our quotes are transparent and upfront
  • Our services are the most flexible and affordable
  • We treat your plumbing like ours
  • All our technicians undergo periodical training
  • Our company is locally owned and operated
  • Our services are quick and effective

We have an effective and professional staff in the field. With the technology of the equipment used, we are always one step ahead of our competitors. We prioritize human health, human life and life safety in all of our projects. With our professional understanding, we can respond to today’s conditions and the needs of the future.

We provide the point exploration of your installation problems with our expert team and technological equipment and we offer solutions in the fastest, clean and economical way. Your satisfaction is the most important criterion for us. Our commitment to our business and our loyalty to the delivery time we undertake is a source of pride for us.

If you want your fridge to work properly without any installation related issues, contact SPS today and have us install your fridge. We have an extensive knowledge of fridges and will install any type of fridge at your property.

We install:
  • Top freezer – freezer is located above the refrigerator section
  • Bottom freezer – freezer is located underneath the refrigerator section
  • Side-by-side – freezer and the refrigerator are placed next to each other
  • Built-in – designed to blend in with the kitchen cabinetry as opposed to a separate unit.

Contact us

Have a fridge to install? Experiencing issues with your current one? Do not hesitate to contact us at (02) 9072 0760 now or make an inquiry on our website. We are quick in your callbacks and will offer you one of our prompt and precise services.

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