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Gas oven installation plumber Sydney

Plumber Sydney

A gas oven allows you to cook economically, unlike electric ovens. Although the latter sells more than gas ovens, the fact remains that the gas oven allows less dry and more mellow cooking. You can also control the power of the flame. In addition, the price of gas is cheaper than electricity.

To install a gas oven, safety measures must be taken. The handling of gas appliances is subject to the rules of caution and safety. You must comply with the safety standards and the instructions in the manual of your product. SPS Plumbers are experienced in the installation of gas stoves and will install your oven without any issues.

The installation

The installation of your oven requires a connection to the various gas pipes. The equipment used must comply with the regulations in force. The copper tube, which is reserved for connections between the oven and the general gas supply installation, must be perfectly sealed. Regarding the connection between the oven and the gas inlet, you will need a hose. It is a hose that sells by the meter, or ready to use depending on dimensions. It will be attached to the oven end, located at the back of the unit and the gas valve.

Our tips:

  • The dimensions of the new oven must match the dimensions of the old one, otherwise, you will have to move the adjacent pedestals or even change the kitchen furniture.
  • For connection, you will need a gas hose. Always ask the seller for a certificate for this product.
  • As experience shows, black rubber very quickly dries up and cracks. That’s why the use for rubber hoses in a metal braid for gas supply is now prohibited almost everywhere. In addition, the internal patency of such hoses no longer satisfies the power of modern household kitchen appliances.

A gas oven may appear to be a fairly simple appliance, and you will think that there is nothing complicated in its installation. However, it must be remembered that it is necessary to connect this household appliance to the gas supply system, and in this case, it is recommended to act extremely accurately. SPS experts are qualified to install gas ovens in residential properties; don’t take the risk of installing your oven by yourself. Consequences might be devastating in the simplest mistake.

A stove will work for a long time if it is installed properly – without any gas leaks, without violating any safety requirements. If all works related to the installation of the gas cooker are carried out in compliance with all the norms and conditions that prescribe the work with gas, there will be no complaints from the gas economy. And the process of cooking will bring you a lot of positive emotions!

Qualified to handle natural gas fittings

Natural gas is odourless, colourless, non-toxic and lighter than air. It is quite dangerous as it is highly flammable. Natural Gas Installation is an example of our works that we start from the underground line and finish with your gas stove.

Why choose us?

Solutions from SPS Plumbers combine the high quality of service, vast experience and the ability to innovate. We supply a wide range of goods and industrial equipment for both corporate clients and individuals. Professionalism and responsibility are the key advantages of our company. We offer the highest quality in all our services, always supervised by a site manager or person in charge of the work. We assure you that you will obtain the best value for money in the market.

You will have 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We provide you with a unique guarantee in the market and we work with the best insurers. Our work does not end on the day of the completion of the work. We offer you a later service to attend any incident that may arise. We will attend to you before, during and after. Because for us the customer comes first.

From the first minute of contact, you will receive a personalized and direct attention, solving all the doubts that you may have about your work or reform.

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Need a washing machine installed? Call us at (02) 9072 0760 now or make an inquiry on our website. Our customer service representatives will quickly get back to you with the answers you are looking for.

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