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How Professional Plumbers Tackle a Sewer Block

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Sewer clogs can happen at any point of time and when these occur, the water that backs up into the sink or bathroom areas can be quite alarming. While using a plunger or a drain snake might help clear the block, this might not work if it’s too severe. In this case, you will have to call in a skilled and licensed plumber for the job. This is a specialized job, and only professionals have the knowledge and the right plumbing tools it.

The one thing to keep in view is that a clogged sewer never occurs all of a sudden; there are always warning signs. In most cases, people just ignore these signs and they don’t pay much attention to the water that drains slowly from the kitchen and bathroom sinks or from the shower area. If you find yourself consistently unclogging drains in different parts of the house, it’s an indication of an impending sewer block. This is something you shouldn’t ignore.

Sewer Block Clearing Equipment

When you call a 24/7 emergency plumber to tackle the block, they use some very specific processes to ensure that the problem is resolved in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time. These are the steps they follow:

  • Drain cameras- These are extremely useful tools as they help identify exactly where the block is. These cameras are sent down into the drain and the plumbers can see the video feed in the monitor. They will check if there are any foreign objects or misaligned/collapsed pipes. In many instances, root masses are the culprits and cause very severe blocks.
  • Electric eels- Once the plumbers have identified where the block is, they use an electric eel to clear the block. This is essentially a long flexible steel tool with a cutter at the drain end. The electric motor it operates on helps cut obstacles such as tree root blocks etc. Some electric eels can reach a distance of up to 75 feet in the drain and is ideal for cutting large tree roots.
  • Hydro-jetters- These are extremely effective in clearing sewers too. Once the roots and other elements that were causing the block, are cut up into small bits, the hyrdro-jetter very effectively pushes these bits through the drain and clears the blockage. A hrdro-jetter is mounted on a trailer and operates at extremely high pressure.

If any cracks are found in the sewer pipes, those will have to be sealed too; or else tree roots might get into the pipe through these cracks again. The area around the drain pipe in the garden area will be treated to a special tree root growth-hampering agent. This reduces the chances of the roots growing into the pipe aand blocking it again.

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