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Pointers to Fix Recurring Toilet Issues

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Plumbing problems sometimes surface with no warning at all. The reason this happens is that plumbing installations are used almost every day; this excessive use leads to a lot of wear and tear. In most instances, there are certain signs that indicate potential problems, but we tend to ignore these signs, and sometimes use stop-gap measures to tackle them.

Different types of toilet plumbing issues

These are just temporary fixes and unless the main problem is effectively addressed, the issue is sure to crop up later and probably with more severity. Recurring toilet issues are like that. Here are some common issues and pointers on how to fix them:

  • Weak flusher– Even when you have one of the latest flushers installed during a bathroom renovation project, you will find that it starts to dysfunction after a while. In some instances, hard water affects the functioning of this installation and the deposits impact the manner in which the flush works. 

A muriatic acid wash is the best way to get rid of this problem. Ensure there is enough of ventilation in the bathroom when you are doing this. Then pour the solution into the toilet as well as the flush tube; let it stay that way for at least 30 minutes and then flush it out. You will find the system works much better after that.

  • Partial flush– If you find that the flush is partial yet strong, there are chances that there is waterlogging in the flapper valve, which might just be dropping too fast. You will have to first flush the toilet and notice exactly how fast  that valve drops; ideally, it should stay at a higher level at least till 80% of the water has got drained from the tank. If you find that the water drops before that, you would have to replace the flapper.
  • Water level drops in bowl– At times you notice that the water level in the bowl drops; a clog could be creating this problem and a drain auger/plunger might just be effective in clearing it. At times a crack in the bowl might be causing the water level to drop. In this case, the only solution is to replace the bowl.
  • Gurgling noises in the tub and sink – At times when you flush the toilet, the gurgling noises that  the bath or sink make, indicate  there is  complete or partial clog in the toilet’s vent pipe. This issue is best handled by a professional Sydney plumber.
  • Dripping tank- The water in the tank just doesn’t stop dripping. The tank gets partially full and the dripping stops after which the dripping starts again. The tank-fill valve might be causing this issue and the fix might be slightly complex. It’s best to get a plumber to handle the issue. 

As you can see, there are certain toilet issues you might be able to fix yourself. However certain emergency plumbing issues are extremely complex; and it’s best to get a professional and licensed plumber to handle the job for you.  For any plumbing job, call SPS Plumbers at this number (02) 9072 0760. We can provide you an obligation-free quote for the work you need done. Do send us your queries using this contact us form.

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