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The team at SPS have significant expertise in property management maintenance and troubleshooting. We endeavour to minimise additional stress within your managerial position by maintaining clear and succinct lines of communication. We provide our customers with solutions using state-of-the-art equipment and a high degree of professionalism. Our unparalleled experience in strata maintenance and repairs enables us to deliver effective solutions in time-tight conditions. Like you, we strive to satisfy all stakeholders.

We provide an after-hours emergency service for fast repairs of any urgent plumbing, drainage and gas-related issues. We guarantee all urgent work orders will be attended to the same day. Sleep with peace of mind that regardless of the time of day, sps is only one call away!

We prioritise the satisfaction of our property managers, similar to how you prioritise the satisfaction of your tenants. We understand the needs you must meet. Hence, all work orders (excluding emergency works) will be completed within a 24-48 hour frame.

Property Maintenance

Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists is an Australian owned company and an industry leader in plumbing, draining and gas fitting.

Our Process

SPS plumbers understand that reliability and clear communication are paramount to undertaking seamless business relations. We stand out as the most dependable maintenance and emergency repairs plumber in the entire Sydney region.

When You Call Our Specialists We Guarantee:

  • Fast response and a high level of service that will impress you from beginning to end.
  • A leader in the Property & Commercial industry with over 200 years of combined plumbing experience.
  • Our processes are tailored to better suit Property & Commercial procedures to give you a streamlined, hassle-free service.
  • Our Property & Commercial Client Services Team are focused on keeping you informed and satisfied each step of the way.
  • To supply detailed invoices of the work carried out and a breakdown of costs. This will ensure all members of insurance companies have a clear understanding of the breakdown of all the components of the invoice is made up of.
  • To offer an iron-clad guaranteed 24-hour service for every day of the year, including public holidays. You can count on us to be there when you need us most.
  • To screen emergency calls from you and provide accurate advice to occupants to temporarily contain the problems, avoiding emergency call-outs.

Customer Service Satisfaction - We Value Your Business

We understand the importance of experiencing comfort with the technicians you outsource your work to. Registered proprietors, Real-Estate Agencies and Property Managers tend to reuse contractors regardless of their unsatisfactory work simply due to convenience.

We are aware you may be reluctant to try a new service provider as you may be under the assumption, that we may lack knowledge of the technicalities of the building, thus proving costly to the committee.

SPS Plumbers Offers A Solution To Property Managers:

A FREE property diagnostic service and report created for the Property Manager. This report will detail the properties of plumbing, hot water and the existing status of your gas system. It will identify your sewer and stormwater draining points as well as their current status in terms of ‘wear and tear’.

A complimentary health check on all plumbing works throughout the property to ensure everything is in working order.

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