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Common Tap Problems?

All you need to know about tap repairs for your home/office

Tap Repairs

Leaking or damaged taps might seem like a small thing, but they can be a nuisance. After all, no one wants to listen to the constant drip-drip of faulty taps. Because taps are used so frequently, they’re some of the most vulnerable components of your plumbing system. It’s a breeze to repair and replace taps and that’s one of the reasons why this is a popular DIY task.

Many people dont realize that taps that are repaired or installed by amateurs are often more prone to leakages and damage. While they might function well at the time of the installation or repair, they quickly deteriorate. You can avoid this if you call a professional plumber from SPS Plumbers. We offer a lifetime guarantee and an assurance of good quality along with the repair.

What are the Common Tap Problems?

Tap problems are very common and can be fixed quickly. There are different kinds of problems that require different solutions and these include:

  • Dripping Taps – The drip or leak is usually caused by a worn down washer or spindle. A washer can be easily replaced but if there’s a problem with the spindle, we recommend replacing the tap.
  • Leaks around the Handle – If the cartilage in the handle is broken, the tap will start leaking. This can be repaired and our plumbers will restore the tap to normal function in no time.
  • Taps that cause water hammers in the plumbing system – This is due to a variation in pressure. Water hammers occur when there’s a sudden increase in the pressure within the system.

You can also have noisy taps, taps that don’t open, taps that don’t open completely, etc. A skilled and experienced plumber will fix these problems with long-lasting solutions. That ensures we don’t add to the customer’s expenses by installing or repairing fixtures that would need more attention down the line.

How do We Work?

We consider tap repair a standard, non-emergency job, but if you want the matter resolved quickly, let us know and we’ll send an available plumber to your location. Once our plumbers are at your location, they will:

  • Examine the tap and check the mechanism. This helps them determine what’s wrong with the tap and how it can be repaired.
  • After they complete the assessment, they’ll let you know whether the tap needs to be replaced or repaired. In most cases, the tap can be fixed and replacement isn’t required.
  • Our plumber will then tell you how much replacement or tap repair will cost. This estimate is very accurate because we charge on a job-to-job basis and not by the hour.
  • Once you approve of the amount, they’ll repair or replace with a good quality tap that would last you several years without any problems.
  • Our plumber will examine the repaired or replaced tap one last time to make sure it functions properly.

If you have any questions about our tap repair services or want a free no-obligation quote, just get in touch with us at SPS Plumbers. Our number is (02) 9072 0760 and our email is [email protected].

Taps Won’t Turn Off

This is one of the most common plumbing problems people face. They open a tap in the kitchen or the bathroom and find that no matter how many times they turn the knob, the water doesn’t stop. People usually don’t react well in such circumstances as they dont know how else to stop the flow of water. At SPS Plumbers, we can help you deal with this problem immediately and ensure there’s little to no water wastage as a result of taps that won’t turn off.

What are the First Steps?

If you act quickly, you won’t waste much water in this situation. Your first priority is to stop the flow of water, so here’s what you should do:

  • Warn people that reside in your home/ building that there’s a problem with the plumbing.
  • Turn off the isolation water valve for that particular fixture. For example, if the tap on your sink doesn’t turn off, you need to access the area under the sink and find the isolation valve and shut it off.
  • Once the water stops, call us immediately. We will send our emergency plumbers to your property to handle the situation.
  • If the water doesn’t shut off, you have a problem with the isolation valve. If you don’t have an isolation valve for that particular fixture, you should consider installing one without delay.
  • At this point, you need to turn off the water supply to the entire property until the emergency plumber arrives. This valve is usually located outside the house or property and will be close to the water meter.

How Do we Deal With the Situation?

We usually respond to such calls promptly and dispatch our emergency plumber to your property soon after the call. We understand that such problems can interrupt your day-to-day life and create considerable amount of hassle. Here’s what we do:

  • After you call, our plumber leaves with all required equipment for your property. We’re always prepared for unexpected problems and always drive a full-equipment van to job sites.
  • Once we reach your property, our first priority is to determine the cause. If the isolation valve works, the problem probably lies in the tap itself.
  • We disassemble the tap inspect the washers and the tap spindles carefully for signs of wear and tear. Worn-out washers and spindles are probably the reason why your taps won’t turn off.
  • Our plumbers will replace these components and check if the system works.
  • If the problem persists, we will inspect the isolation valve and the plumbing system leading to the tap and repair any faults we find.

Usually, we can repair taps in a matter of minutes so you should be able to use them again quickly. If you have any questions about our services for taps that wont turn off or want a free no-obligation quote, just get in touch with us at SPS Plumbers.

Why You Should Hire a Company that Provides 24/7 Plumbing in Sydney

Plumbing emergencies are such that they arise at any point of time, without warning; and when that happens, the first thing you want is that a reliable plumber should respond quickly and send over a professional plumber to tackle the job without delay. However, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds and not every plumbing company can provide Emergency plumbing services.

Other jobs that a licensed plumber can handle

There are various plumbing issues that can arise all of a sudden. Burst pipes, sewer overflows, tap and faucet leaks, cracks in the toilet etc. are things that can be considered to be plumbing emergencies and have to be dealt with, without any delay. We at SPS Plumbers understand that there are many jobs that cant and shouldn’t be put off till later, as that can only cause problems and lead to additional expenses down the road. Some things you should focus on:

  • Regardless of how big or small the plumbing issue, you should connect with a plumbing company that will respond promptly and send out a reliable and licensed plumber over to your location, exactly when you need one.
  • The company should also have emergency plumbing vehicles in various areas that are connected via GPS. This helps the company call their plumbers quickly and they will send out these professionals to your location without delay.
  • Since the vehicles are well-stocked with all the required plumbing equipment and tools, the plumbers are able to tackle the job quickly and efficiently. This means you don’t have to worry about being inconvenienced for too long.
  • The plumbers will also check the problem areas and connecting plumbing systems and ensure that there is no problem there either.
  • A reputed 24/7 emergency plumber will always use the latest technology in their work, like tree rooters, high pressure jets as well as CCTV drain cameras to check what is causing drain blocks etc. This quick identification helps them deal with the issue quickly as well.

When you hire a plumber, you should also ensure that they are able to tackle all other types of plumbing jobs as well. After all, you don’t want to approach different companies to tackle different jobs for you, such as:

  • Hot Water Repair
  • Clearing Blocked Drains
  • Broken faucets
  • Toilet Leaks
  • Repair of Broken or Burst Pipes
  • Gas fitting & Gas Leaks
  • Repair Tap Leaks
  • Sewer Pipes & Grease Trap repair

Ensure that the licensed plumber in Sydney also provides guarantees for their work. Check how they charge for their services. Ideally, you should hire a company that charges by the job, not by the hour. You end up spending much more even on simple plumbing tasks when they follow the latter format.

For reliable and cost-effective plumbing solutions, call SPS Plumbers at (02) 9072 0760. Check this link for areas we service and our list of on-going offers here.

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