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Toilet Repairs

All you need to know about toilet repairs for your home/office

Toilet repairs for your home

Toilets on most properties see a significant amount of use. However, most people tend to ignore these installations unless something goes wrong with them. Right quality toilet fixtures that have been installed as per industry standards by professional plumbers will generally last for many years without any trouble. However sometimes disuse, and misuse can take their toll on these installations, and you may have to deal with issues such as toilet leakages or malfunctions.

If you have noticed any problems in the toilets on your property, you must call a licensed plumber in Sydney. We at SPS Plumbers can handle all types of plumbing issues, including toilet repairs and replacement. Our company caters to residential and commercial clients and offers customised services at very cost-effective pricing.

Always Fixed Toilet
Plumbing Issues

If you have a leaky toilet on your property, it can be quite a nuisance. You will find that it wastes a lot of water and increases your water bills which makes it necessary to fix the issue without any delay. Deferring the repairs can only aggravate the problem and make the fix more expensive. It is quite easy to detect toilet leaks. If you find that your bathroom floor is continuously wet even when nobody is using it, there could be a leak in the toilet. Water leaking through the toilet can also seep into the tiling joints and result in damage to the subfloor in your bathroom.

Leaking Toilet
Repair Method

Since there are different reasons for toilet leaks, it is necessary to hire a licenced number to come and inspect the feature soon as you notice a problem. They will use the latest detection equipment and tools in their work and will identify where the source of the leakage is. They will provide a detailed quote and a suitable solution for the task. After you have approved the quote, they will make sure that the work is completed within the shortest possible time to industry standards.

Toilet Replacements in Sydney

When the plumber is inspecting the toilet fixture, if they notice that the damage is too excessive, a more permanent solution such as a replacement may be needed. A credible and honest company will always be objective in their approach and provide an unbiased opinion on whether replacement is the best solution for you.

They will also provide you with information about the benefits of getting a new toilet fixed and the different types of installations you can opt for. Once you have given your approval for the work, they will make sure that the work is completed within the committed timeframe.

We offer the best toilet replacement and repair solutions and you will find that our pricing is very reasonable too. For any information about our full range of plumbing solutions, feel free to call SPS Plumbers on (02) 9072 0760, and our email is [email protected]. You can also fill the contact us form, and well get back to you as soon as possible.

1. The Toilet Design

Correctly measure the diameter of the opening and check if it is larger than the opening of the traditional model.

While the price of the toilet is an important aspect, do not lose sight of practical elements.

Ensure that the trap at the bottom of the bowl is wider. Typically, 12 to 18 litres of water per flush is required for a toilet with a narrow bottom and small opening size. As against this, modern designs use only 4.5 to 4.8 litres of water per flush because they dispose off the waste powerfully. This saves about 50% water per flush.

Water Efficiency Labelling Standards (WELS) of the Australian Government limits the flushes of toilets to a maximum of 5.5 litres. Modern toilet designs must be compliant with this standard.

2. Types of Toilets

You have the option to choose from two types of toilets; these are gravity-fed and pressure-assisted toilets.

Gravity-Fed Toilets – These toilets are installed in both residential and commercial premises. When you flush this toilet, water flows from the tank into the bowl, pushing down the waste. While these toilets are cheaper than the pressure-assisted toilets, they are not so efficient in handling waste in large amounts.

Pressure-assisted toilets – A positive feature of these toilets is the use of less water because they use air pressure. They are also more powerful and handle a larger amount of waste in a single flush. These useful features make them more expensive while their higher flushing power makes them noisier.

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