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Understanding What the Role of Thermostatic Valves Is

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We all like to have leisurely hot showers when time permits; it’s extremely relaxing and refreshing too. However, these long showers can result in a lot of water and energy wastage, because it takes a while for us to get the temperature of the water up to our preference.

At times, people may also get scalded with the rush of hot water when they turn on the shower; this is more likely to occur with younger children and the elderly and can lead to very bad burns. This typically happens because the hot & cold water hasn’t mixed well and it’s when the situation can get wasteful and dangerous. Installing thermostatic valves in your home is the best way to prevent this from happening.

Importance of Thermostatic Valves

There are a number of benefits to getting these valves installed in your home:
  • Your water supply can get contaminated with different types of bacteria such as Legionella. However, ensuring that the water temperature is maintained above 55°C helps curb this growth.
  • Water at this temperature is extremely hot; but once it goes through a thermostatic valve, it gets mixed with cold water and the temperature reduces, making the water more comfortable for use. These valves can be set to the temperature you find most comfortable and this ensures the water that comes out through the shower head will be just as warm as you want it to be. You have the option to alter this temperature setting as required.
  • If you have standard water mixing valves, these fixtures, the seals and tap heads are far more prone to scaling. However, when you get thermostatic valves installed, it helps reduce scaling in various plumbing fixtures. In turn, this improves the output capacity of the accumulator which increases the life of various components in the plumbing system.
  • Use of standard mixing valves can mean a significant loss of energy and water. On the other hand, when you get these valves fitted, you get water of the correct temperature every single time. You can end up saving up to 30 per cent of energy in this way.

Hire the Plumbing Experts

Whenever you get any plumbing work done in your home, it’s important that you hire the services of a licensed plumber in Sydney for the job. This ensures the job will be completed in the most efficient and accurate manner and within the best possible cost too. If you check online you will find a number of plumbing companies that provide services in the region. This can make it a bit confusing as to which one you should call for your plumbing work.  

Its best to conduct a certain amount of research well in advance, by checking the company’s reputation and experience as well as its pricing structure and whether they provide 24/7 emergency plumber services.

For reliable and cost-effective plumbing solutions, call SPS Plumbers at (02) 9072 0760. Check this link for areas we service and our list of on-going offers here. You can also send us your queries using this online form. Do check what customers are saying about us on our Facebook reviews page.

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