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Understanding What Water Hammer Is And The Solutions

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If you have ever heard noises in the pipes in your home even after turning off all the faucets and taps, it means you have a water hammer issue. This problem needs to be fixed without any delay not only because it is annoying to hear the banging noises. It can also result in more severe issues in the pumping system if it isn’t dealt with immediately


We at SPS Plumbers are the renowned plumbing company that provides high-quality services to commercial and residential clients across the region. We can handle plumbing problems of all types, including water hammer issues on your property. Here is some information that will help you understand what causes water hammer and how it can be fixed.

Causes of Water Hammer In Pipes

If you hear noises in the plumbing on your property, there could be two primary causes of it, such as:

  • When air is trapped in the pipes, it results in banging noises.  This could occur when you turn on any faucet or tap on your property.
  • Sometimes water hammer can take place if you shut off the water very suddenly.  At first, you will hear a loud bang after which the hammering sound peters out slowly.
  • When you turn on faucets or taps in your home, the air that is trapped in pockets gets compressed. When you turn any faucet on it releases the pressure causing loud banging or hammering sounds.  In effect, it is the vacuum that gets formed in the pipe that causes these noises.

Diagnosing Water Hammer Problems

Some people wonder whether they would be able to tackle this issue themselves without hiring the services of a licensed plumber in Sydney However, this isn’t a good idea. You may be able to stop this noise by turning off the main valve on your property and would have to drain all the water from the pipes before turning everything on again. However, this isn’t an easy job, and it takes a bit of experimentation and testing. It’s far better to call in a plumber who would be able to tackle the issue expertly.

These professionals will use specialised tools and equipment in their work to determine exactly what is causing the water hammer on your property and will fix the problem expertly. Most modern plumbing systems have chamber installations in them.  These are installed to prevent water hammer problems.

If your system has these chambers, but you are still facing water hammer problems,  mineral deposit buildups could be the cause.  The licensed plumber in Sydney will take a detailed look at every installation on the property and the chambers.  If they find a  buildup, they will clean them thoroughly and eliminate the issue.

For any information about our full range of plumbing solutions, feel free to call SPS Plumbers on (02) 9072 0760, and our email is [email protected]. You can also fill out the contact us form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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