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Who is responsible for blocked drains on the Property

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Drainage issues are a common occurrence for various households, deciding who holds responsibility to unblock a drain can be a hassle. The technicalities involved adding an inconvenience to our day to day lives. The general rule is that the homeowner is responsible for unblocking drains within the vicinity of their property. Sydney waters provides that the responsibility for plumbing comes down to the owner of the home and which council the property is located in. There are various circumstances in determining who the drainage responsibility is posed to. These consist of: the homeowner and council, landlord and tenant, shared unit responsibility.

Is the homeowner or council responsible?

Discovering the bearer of responsibility for a drainage issue between a council and homeowner has various conditions. Faulty piping providing services to you is where the council holds responsibility. In relation to some drainage issues, the council repairs council connecting water networks less than a metre inside the property. Homeowners hold various responsibilities for the general maintenance plumbing of private wastewater piping and how they connect to Sydney water pipes.

A method of deciding whether drain blockage occurrence is a result of your private piping is if drainage issues aren't shared with the neighbours. It is critical in ensuring that homeowner maintenance occurs where the private waste water piping and fittings meets Sydney waters piping. The general consensus being that a lack of maintenance by a homeowner can lead to their financial responsibility.

Am I responsible for drains or is my landlord?

Drainage issues between a landlord and tenant can pose a difficult situation as to who holds responsibility. The landlord is responsible for all plumbing means to ensure that the tenants can reside in the property safely throughout the lease. They hold the responsibility if there has been a lack of maintenance which could jeopardise tenant safety. However, consistent communication between the landlord and tenant is vital to maintaining smoothly running plumbing.

The tenant must inform the landlord of plumbing issues, failure to do so could violate contract conditions. In the situation of emergency plumbing the landlord always holds responsibility. Along with this, the tenant is responsible when improper care of the plumbing system occurs such as washing hair, materials and foods down a drain. Common knowledge of what should go into your pipes is vital. This can prevent blockages where cost of repairs becomes tenant responsibility.

In contrast, landlord responsibility is held through a general lack of maintenance through damage such as tree roots and storm damage. As well as, if the landlord has directly contributed to drainage issues.

Who’s responsible for drains in apartments/units?

The drains in an apartment complex are the property owner's or manager's responsibility. However, each tenant is responsible for keeping their own drain clear. This means that if a tenant’s drain becomes clogged, they will need to contact the property owner or manager to have the problem fixed.

In some cases, the property owner or manager may be able to fix the problem themselves. However, if the problem is severe, they may need to hire a professional plumber. Either way, it is important for tenants to be proactive about maintaining their drains to prevent problems from arising in the first place.

Why is it so important to find who’s responsible for drains?

In the event of drainage issues, it is highly important they are resolved stead-fast and the source of responsibility is found. This lowers the likelihood of exposure to hazardous and dangerous consequences. Consisting of stale water being a target for bacteria growth which could lead to illnesses such as Typhoid disease, upon exposure. As well as leaking occurring compromising your pipes stability and delivering an ideal environment for mould and bacteria growth.

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The drainage responsibility on your property varies based on differing circumstances. Are you unsure about the source of drainage blockage? Are you responsible for drainage issues and need plumbing in Sydney to resolve this? Contact us now at SPS plumbing so we can provide you with an effective solution! Our expert team utilises years of knowledge and extensive equipment to provide the most efficient solutions!

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